During your holiday you could decide to visit the surroundings too. We suggest you some of the most rich towns in history and culture you can’t do without visiting them.

7 km from Pitigliano is a small village, called Sovana, which is a sheer jewel of the Etruscan civilisation, famous all over the world for its Etruscan tombs and its characteristic monuments. The village is really unique and preserves its old Etruscan finds (Ildebranda tomb).

9 km from Pitigliano, on a rock which falls sheer to the Lente river, Sorano is dominated by the imposing Orsini Fortress, a storm-proof medieval fortress recently restored. Moreover, we suggest you to visit two important rock villages: the necropolis of San Rocco with tombs carved in the tufa walls and, just 5 km from Sorano, Vitozza, one of the most important rock village, with more than 200 caves used to live in since the Middle Ages.

About 25 km from Pitigliano, is Saturnia, which is famous thanks to its sulphurous waters (37°C) gushing out from the subsoil. These waters shape the striking Gorello falls and the spa which is famous all over the world.

 About 30 km from Pitigliano, is the Bolsena Lake , traditional national and international tour.

About 50 km you could reach the beautiful Argentario promontory where Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano lie. These two towns are well-known thanks to their wonderful beaches and their clear sea. From these small ports you could reach Giglio or Giannutri isles.

About 50 km from Pitigliano, is Orvieto, originating from the Etruscan civilisation. The early villages date from the ninth century B.C., and they were sited on the inside of the tufa caves of the massif where the town lies. Reaching Orvieto you could see this fascinating landscape: a group of houses built on the tufa rock and the imposing and charming cathedral, one of the most important and well preserved in Italy .